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Tips For Attention-Grabbing Resume

Knowing how to make a statement and stand out from your competitors is the key to creating a resume that stands out from the crowd. Here are some tips to help you with that.

Be Brief In Your Resume

For many graduates, one of the most important parts of the application process is writing a concise, compelling, yet relevant cover letter. While covering letter format can vary from one college to another, the format is largely based on the content of the applications. One common rule of thumb is to incorporate the applicant's major, key accomplishments, and answers to application questions.

Be Detailed

Add relevant work experience and education that show your transferable talents, skills, and training to the company for which you are applying. State what sort of tasks you performed on the projects to help show that you understand what it takes to complete a specific job. Let your expertise show. DO use jargon, if necessary, to help explain how your experience relates to the job for which you are applying.

Be Picky

Focus on information that is truly relevant to your career goal and edit out the rest. Use the more comprehensive keywords on the resume. Since many job search sites penalize candidates if they use too many keywords, always be sure to include the most important keywords on your resume.

Never Lie in Your Resume

Be honest. People don’t like people who lie. Don’t run down your experience. Don’t undersell your education. Don’t exaggerate your skills. Be thankful. At the end of your career, you may be lucky enough to get a chance to do something really fun. Have ambition. Being ambitious in your career does not mean you can’t enjoy yourself or see the humor in everyday situations. Believe that whatever it is you do is worthwhile. Every job is worthwhile. Especially if you are truly good at it.

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